вот скрипка https://jsfiddle.net/aronlilland/e9wk8n2r/

У меня есть 9 div с классом .box с несколькими дочерними div внутри каждого, моя проблема в том, что один или два div не распознают классы, которые я им назначаю, они ничем не отличаются от других. так что для меня это просто не имеет смысла ...

если вы расширяете окно скрипта до тех пор, пока оно идет, чтобы столбцы отображали более одного, вы заметите, что 3 из div не изменяются с остальными



Keith Moore

Teacher/Pastor, I reffer to Keith as my "bible college experience," he has 30+ years of free audio and video available on any and every subject.

Kenneth Hagin

Prophet, with nearly 70 years of ministry under his belt, Hagin most commonly preached on the subject of faith in Gods word.

Bill Johnson

Apostle/Pastor, Bill pastors a church in Redding California named Bethel Church, the church is most known for miracles, signs and wonders.

Todd White

Evangelist, Todd takes love on the streets and preaches the gospel with radical miracles taking place everywhere he goes.

Terry Mize

Apostle, Terry ministers around the world in third world countries preaching mainly on the authority of the believer & the power of Gods word.

Kenneth Copeland

Prophet, Kenneth has impacted my life greatly by teaching me how to obey Gods word and live by faith, I have seen the good fruit year after year.

Reinhard Bonnke

Evangelist, Reinhard is probably the most power packed evangelist in our generation. His ministy CFAN has reached over 70 million new converts for Jesus.

Norvel Hayes

Teacher, Norvel is a general of the faith, Norvel Hayes has been ministering on the subject of faith in Gods word and worship for over 50 years.

John Wimber

Pastor, John was a local Anaheim pastor with a worldwide impact, he is founder of the Vineyard and taught often on spiritual gifts.


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