I haven't seen anything here or on MDN. I'm sure I'm just missing something. There's got to be some documentation on this somewhere?

Functionally, it looks like it allows you to nest a variable inside a string without doing concatenation using the + operator. I'm looking for documentation on this feature.


var string = 'this is a string';

console.log(`Insert a string here: ${string}`);

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You're talking about template literals.

They allow for both multiline strings and string interpolation.

Многострочные строки:

// foo
// bar

String interpolation:

var foo = 'bar';
console.log(`Let's meet at the ${foo}`);
// Let's meet at the bar

You can also perform Implicit Type Conversions with template literals. Example:

let fruits = ["mango","orange","pineapple","papaya"];

console.log(`My favourite fruits are ${fruits}`);
// My favourite fruits are mango,orange,pineapple,papaya

As mentioned in a comment above, you can have expressions within the template strings/literals. Example:

const one = 1;
const two = 2;
const result = `One add two is ${one + two}`;
console.log(result); // output: One add two is 3

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