I want to use Amazon's Simple Email Service to send emails.

I verified my domain as well as the email address I want to send from.

For both it says verified.

Now when I use the Send Test Email from the AWS Console to send a test email to myemail@outlook.com, I only get the error message:

Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region EU-WEST-1: myemail@outlook.com (Request ID: 9fb78de1-2673-11e6-bbbc-5f819fabe4f4)

Now it strikes me because it says myemail@outlook.com was not verified but I tried to send from admin@mydomain.com. The Send Test Email Dialog even forces you to use an email which already is registered.

How can this issue be resolved? Did I miss anything?

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When your SES account is in "sandbox" mode, you can:

  1. Only send from verified domains and email addressed, and
  2. Only send to verified domains and email addresses

In order to send to anyone else, you must move your account out of sandbox mode by contacting AWS support and requesting it:


@Matt Houser has already answered the questions but I am adding a screenshot from June, 2020 that explains what he said.

enter image description here

If the email is already verified and you're out of the SES Sandbox, check that you've the correct AWS region for the SMTP server. I was trying to connect to email-smtp.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com when my SMTP credential was for the email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com server.

enter image description here

Make sure

  1. You add your email to ses and get verified.
  2. You enable the Production mode for your account.

Make sure

-You have submitted your case request to support customer and explain in what purposes confirm it for to 24 maybe they will ask you about some additional information about your application

Amazon customer Support

In my case I needed to verify the email again in the region where it failed. You can try to change your region in the top right then you have click again "Verify a New Email Address" enter image description here

I had verified an email address, and then a few days later my domain. When the domain was fully verified (inc DKIM) I was still getting the 'Email address is not verified' error when trying to send emails to email addresses within my domain, that weren't my specific verified address.

I deleted my verified email address, and re-verified it, and it worked immediately. I could then send domain wide emails, whereas before - I could only send to and from the email I had previously verified.

I had this issue. I verified domain and email, even the DKIM settings was verified. But still getting this message :

Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region {aws_region}: {email}

I added SourceArn as parameter for sendEmail than get this message :

User `arn:aws:iam::{account_id}:user/{username}' is not authorized to perform `ses:SendEmail' on resource `arn:aws:ses:{aws_region:{account_id}:identity/{email}'

After 2 days I found out the I was using wrong IAM user !

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