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Dynamically add event listener

I am just starting to mess around with Angular 2 and I wonder if anyone can tell me the best way to dynamically add and remove event listeners from elements.I have a component set up. When a certain element in the template is clicked I want to add a listener for mousemove to another element of the same template. I then want to remove this listener when a third element is clicked.I kind of got this working just using plain Javascript to grab the elements and then calling the standard addEventListener() but I wondered if there was a more "Angular2.0" way of doing this that I should be looking into.


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Установка слушателя событий с помощью стрелочных функций ES6

Вопрос: Почему не устанавливается слушатель события? //ADDING THE EVENT LISTENER document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', init); //DELCARING INIT, PASSING BLANK PARAM, STATEMENT var init = () => console.log('Is Firing');

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