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Email address is not verified (AWS SES)

I want to use Amazon's Simple Email Service to send emails.I verified my domain as well as the email address I want to send from.For both it says verified.Now when I use the Send Test Email from the AWS Console to send a test email to myemail@outlook.com, I only get the error message: Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region EU-WEST-1: myemail@outlook.com (Request ID: 9fb78de1-2673-11e6-bbbc-5f819fabe4f4) Now it strikes me because it says myemail@outlook.com was not verified but I tried to send from admin@mydomain.com. The Send Test Email Dialog even forces you to use an email which already is registered.How can this issue be resolved? Did I miss anything?


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