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How to manage Angular2 "expression has changed after it was checked" exception when a component property depends on current datetime

My component has styles that depend on current datetime. In my component I've got the following function. private fontColor( dto : Dto ) : string { // date d'exécution du dto let dtoDate : Date = new Date( dto.LastExecution ); (...) let color = "hsl( " + hue + ", 80%, " + (maxLigness - lightnessAmp) + "%)"; return color; } lightnessAmp is calculated from the current datetime. The color changes if dtoDate is in the last 24 hours.The exact error is the following: Expression has changed after it was checked. Previous value: 'hsl( 123, 80%, 49%)'. Current value: 'hsl( 123, 80%, 48%)' I know the exception appear in development mode only at the moment the value is checked. If the checked value is different of the updated value, the exception is thrown.So I tried to update the current datetime at each lifecycle in the following hook method to prevent the exception: ngAfterViewChecked() { console.log( "! changement de la date du composant !" ); this.dateNow = new Date(); } ...but without success.

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